How a, anime about basketball inspired me to play basketball

It’s uncommon to hear, someone be inspired to play Basketball, from a Japanese anime but it happened to me. In 2015 I used to attend Westminster University to study Business Information Systems. This was just a part-time placement to gain knowledge in Computer Science, it was a great experience I really enjoyed it but, after I finished I proceeded to go and study at another university to further my education.

During my time at the University of Westminster, I joined the anime society because I am passionate about anime. To me anime is an amazing art form.Not just a form entertainment. Japanese mangakas’ such as Tite Kubo, Masashi Kishimoto and Tadatoshi Fujimaki come up with the concept art for their anime and the animators, writers and  , companies such as Pierrot Co., Ltd, work hard to produce content for their fans. examples of a great anime I like to watch are: Bleach, Naruto Shippuden, Attack on Titan, Soul Eater and Dragonball Z.

I wanted to expand my anime knowledge, and watch other genre’s of anime not just shounen anime so I asked, the members of the Westminster anime society what are some good recommendations, for great anime and they a few ideas but the one anime, that stood out from the crowd was an anime called “Kuroko no basket”.

Kuroko no basket stood out to me because, I have never watched a sport anime. I watched one episode and I was instantly hooked Kuroko no basket is a story about five prodigies who have superhuman abilities when playing basketball the main characters are: Kuroko Tetsuya, Kagami Taiga, Kise Ryota, Midorima Shintaro and Atsushi Murasakibara apart from Kagami Taiga every character here were known as the “Generation of miracles” the anime centred around Kuroko Tetsuya (Kuroko Tetsiya is the main protaganist) and Kagami Taiga who is supporting character they met in high school while Teiko (The name of the Japanese fictional basketball team in Kuroko no basket) were looking for team members.

The unique thing about this duo is that Kuroko was part of the generation of miracles but quit to play with a normal team he was the most unique member because he used invisibility powers called misdirection and other abilities when he played basketball against his adversaries  in the anime, with Kagami who was the aggressive power forward who scored most baskets with Kuroko’s assists, I highly recommend anyone reading this to look up Kuroko no basket and watch it online and read the manga too.

What made me interested in this anime was the teamwork, passion, raw emotion from the voice actors, artwork, superpowers and plot to win each basketball game. Kuroko no basket was amazing, and the anime inspired me to pick up a real basketball and start playing basketball in local parks outside for the fun of it and exercise. I used to train with a basketball team in Croydon called the Croydon Cougars but I quit because I was not ready and needed to become more athletic, but it was  good experience.

After a few months, I still wanted to learn more about basketball in the UK, so I found a company called Midnight Madness, who are a UK basketball agency which hosts events to create awareness, about basketball in the UK. The event is annually and they were looking for a temporary social media administrator, this was a internship opportunity.

They advertised this position, on their twitter I applied and for two weeks I was the admin for Midnight Madness. It was an amazing experience, because I  got to manage the twitter and Facebook of Midnight Madness and learn about how to effectively market a service to people. An example of this was when I used the dashboard that they use and it was really technical yet awesome I am quite fond of technology and want to learn new skills in technology. Basketball is and will always be one my favourite sports, I used to play basketball in my secondary school in 2013-2016 during P.E.

I am originally from the U.K so basketball is not the biggest sport here.but there is a league exclusive to the UK called the British Basketball League, the British Basketball league which is very underrated in my opinion should aim to redevelop their organisation and work with the NBA if possible to expand the league so it can get the recognition it deserves and be broadcasted globally but right now it is but only on a few UK sport channels which is not enough, London’s team is called the London Lions which one day I hope will win the BBL cup

National Basketball League in America, which is the most well-known basketball league in the world based in New York City is the pinnacle of basketball Luol Deng, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, Cody Zellar and LeBron James are just a few amazing players that also contributed to me being inspired to play Basketball in social clubs, parks outside and in community centres.

London has an office dedicated to the NBA as well based in Kensington High Street. When the New York Knicks faced, the Milwaukee Bucks in 2015, British basketball fans and others sold the arena in under an hour. This basketball game was hosted in the O2 arena with over 20,000 seats open to the public. This became one of the UK’s biggest basketball which is great for the UK economy.

Overall I am proud I got involved with the basketball industry in the UK. Below is a short clip of me just training, I hope to play basketball again for fun and fitness.

Ball is life.

– By SCORPZ0001

Twitter: SCORPZ0001

Instagram: joseph_justice30

YouTube: SCORPZ0001


















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