I am not a well-known Tekken player by any means, but I have enjoyed my fair share of fighting games, in particular Tekken. When I was a kid all I did was play games and not anything else. Luckily my twin brother introduced me into the beautiful game we all know and love, Tekken is my favourite video game franchise. Yet I still feel like a noob even though I have been playing for about 6 or 7 years on a off. I finally decided enough, was enough and I competed in a fighting tournament hosted by Ozzy the Liono an events organiser who I met, the tournament was called Lionzden 2 it was hosted in 2015 I went with some friends and the had a great time.

I knew I wanted to be part of the fighting game community from young I played older titles from the Tekken franchise for instance: Tekken Tag tournament (PlayStation 2) , Tekken 4 (PlayStation2), Tekken 5 (PlayStation2) and Tekken 6 (PlayStation 3).As a console player it was pretty tough to adapt to the arcade style, but nerveless I played Tekken 7 on the arcade cabinet at Lionzden 3

With the sudden, hype of Tekken 7 many sceptics in the fighting game community are enraged now that a new Tekken game is confirmed. I finally got my hands on the game well technically speaking/typing I got the opportunity to compete in a fighting tournament even though the outcome was not what I wanted it was a interesting  experience, I learned you have to put in the hours if you want to make it on top, I will be entering just for fun again next year in Lionzden 4 and many other tournaments I will also make my eagerly and long awaited return to video gaming and entertainment.

Overall I am positive about the Tekken fighting community and I am hoping to take part in more events and participate also play the game learn the skills and techniques required I am, looking to experiment with my character development and character choices. Hwoarang is my favourite character but I can see myself mastering Lucky Chloe, Master Raven, Asuka Kazama and even Kazama Jin going in. As you can see I am excited for Tekken 7.


– By SCORPZ0001

Twitter: SCORPZ0001

Instagram: joseph_justice30

YouTube: SCORPZ0001

E-Mail: joseph.opoku@hotmail.com



  1. OMG i know the feeling of playing a game for years but still feeling like a noob. Ive been playing world of warcraft 10+years and i still don’t fully understand the statistical mathematical crappy bit to it. I feel like sometimes players get too serious and forget its actually a game that is ment for anyone to enjoy. (Accept children) there annoying af. anyhow great blog post site looks kl. 🙂

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  2. Yer man I mean I’ve been playing from tekken 1 it’s crazy how much it’s changed and the world has opened up so much now I can meet so many more tekken players like yourself. And like you lionzden 1 was my 1st real tournament. Tekken is a rich game and has a special fan Base that only people who are dedicated to tekken can understand. I love fighting games but even if I don’t play a tekken game for a long time it’s a fighting game that still is number 1 in my heart. May have taken a while for the story to be mainstream, but true fans know the truth of the mishimas

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