What I expect from Final Fantasy 15 as a newcomer

Now that Final Fantasy 15 is finally released, all the video gamers across the globe, are rejoicing. Now that they get to play, the game let’s not forget the newcomers. I don’t know about you but I consider myself a gamer and I have neevr played a Final Fantasy video game . I had to withdraw from playing video games due to other commitments. but I learned that was regretful, I am ready to get back into playing video games but I am left, perplexed.

I am eager to know how this game will play in terms of the story, character development, action and adventure and all sorts. I like how Square Enix has implemented, action into a role playing game. Noctis is a prince and to me the storyline seems interesting yet cliche but I am still optimistic about this IP. Ignis Scienta, Gladious Amictia, Prompto Argentum are great companions and become Noctis’ closest friends.

I was reluctant to get a PlayStation 4, in the past because it seemed a bit redundant, I have always bene a Sony PlayStation consumer; but I am now motivated to accept reality and get back into the virtual world of video gaming. I am proud and happy that I decided to take on this venture an as newcomer I am looking forward to Final Fantasy 15, I have high hopes I will enjoy the game and I hope people enjoy reading this peace.

– By SCORPZ0001

Twitter: SCORPZ0001

Instagram: joseph_justice30

YouTube: SCORPZ0001

E-Mail: joseph.opoku@hotmail.com



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